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REINVENT YOURSELF, As a person, As a leader©

Dozent: Chaudhry, Ravi

Start: 15. Mai 2020 17:00

Ende: 17. Mai 2020 14:00

Kurs-Nummer: 3.35

Kategorie: Spiritualität im Alltag

Seminar Preis: 480,00 €


zzgl. U/VP

We are delighted to introduce a unique new programme on the most important journey in human kingdom: “to realize your real nature and the enormous inherent strengths”.

We spend most of our time looking outwards. Ravi Chaudhry, a new-age counsellor and ‘leadership guru’ will help you imbibe the skills and the habit of also LOOKING INWARDS. A rare treat – the entire process will immerse you in the tri-colours of Joy, Peace and Contentment, personally and professionally, not only you, but also all others around you.

The language of the week-end Programme will be English. It would be of special interest to business leaders, entrepreneurs, family businesses, professional managers, and all those who wish to experience how to perpetually renew yourself, for the rest of your lives.

The Programme will be spread over nine modules. Each session will comprise knowledge inputs and an open sharing of perspectives.

MODULE ONE: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL – An exploration into self discovery, and experiencing the great divide between “what you think you are” and “what you really are”.

MODULE TWO: MEDITATION – the thoughtless state for Inner Peace and Tranquility

MODULE THREE: THE WORLD AROUND US – Gathering Insights On Trajectory of Technology, Trends and Risks: What is different? What is entirely new? What is no longer relevant? Do we feel up to it? How do we adapt?

MODULE FOUR: BECOMING MINDFUL – without the Mind:  A passage from “What Is” to “What Could be”.

MODULE FIVE: QUALITY OF CONVERSATION – Simple practices to transform each interaction and meeting into a thinking laboratory.

MODULE SIX: HAPPINESS – Why is it Elusive? Happiness is your natural state. Nothing in this world can ever stop you from being happy. If you are unhappy, it is by your choice.

MODULE SEVEN:  ACQUIRING MUST-HAVE LEADERSHIP TRAITS and Inner Agility – The path from ‘leadership base camp’ to the Summit of Exceptional Leadership, in ‘The New Fifth Phase of Human Enterprise’.

MODULE EIGHT: REFLECTIONS ON LIFE ASPIRATIONS – “Where you are” to “Where you want to be”

MODULE NINE: WHAT NEXT – Setting a Personal Agenda: Finding the Meaning in a Purposeful Life

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Chaudhry, Ravi

Ravi Chaudhry is a new-age counsellor and mentor to CEOs and Corporate Boards, on “Strategy, Agility, Mindfulness, and Creativity”. He is internationally known as an author, a futurist, a public speaker, a leadership guru, and a Fellow of World Business Academy, USA (a network of global thought leaders). He is the founder Chairman of Cenext Consulting Group, New Delhi. Earlier, he was Chairman of four companies in Tata Group, India.

He is passionate about promoting “responsible leadership”. His book, Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality (2016) has been globally acclaimed as a contemporary masterpiece, “the best book on leadership in years and a rare combination of sound business thinking and accessible philosophy.”

A strong proponent of values and ethics in business and society, he is the creator of a contemporary 128 word “Code of Living”. He regularly conducts seminars, workshops, and Board Retreats, on subjects, such as Discovering Potential and Building an Agile Organization, Mindfulness and Trust, Leadership Traits to Cope with Future, Creativity and Innovation, Corporate Governance, and Sustainable Inclusive Growth.

His clients include several leading corporations, including BASF and BMW (Germany), DHV (Holland), Sunstar (Japan), Sabanci Group (Turkey), Domino Sciences (U.K.), Perfetti (Italy), Ascot Group (Singapore), A1 and NEK (Slovenia), Banco do Brasil, and many others in Asia and Europe. He has also been an advisor to Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, Canada, the Netherlands, and Norway.

He has delivered lectures at several global summits and conferences held at IMD Switzerland, Club of Rome, Conference Board USA, Global Economic Summit at Kiel, Germany; Berlin Round Table Dialogues, Bled Strategic Forum Slovenia, Asian Strategy and Leadership Summit, Kuala Lumpur; Institute of Directors World Congress; The Summit of The Minds, Chamonix; Technology Summit, China, etc.

He continues to be on the Boards of several companies and institutions, including: Advisory Board of Ethical Markets USA; Co-Chair, EthicMark® Judges Panel USA; and Member, New Civilization Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, Japan.

He has deeply studied Vedantic scriptures and Sufi literature and has evolved the fundamental tenets of spirituality that transcend all major living religions of the world.

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